Scope and Engagement/ Service items

I.  General accounting and bookkeeping services

a. Accounting of receipts and disbursements to support monthly and quarterly VAT and Withholding Tax

b. Provide bookkeeping service as required of BIR such as but not limited to the following:

       – Cash Receipts

       – Purchases

       – General Ledger

       – General Journal

II. Taxation BIR Tax Compliance

1. Monthly tax return filing and payment

a. Expanded Withholding Tax (1601e)

b. Compensation Withholding Tax (1601c)

c. Value Added Tax (VAT – 2550m)

2. Quarterly tax return filing and payment

a. Quarterly VAT with Relief x summary list of Sales and Purchases

b. Quarterly Expanded Withholding Tax  (summary Alphalist of Withhold Tax) 

c. Quarterly Income Tax

d. E-Sales

3. Annual tax return processing and tax payment service

a. Annual BIR registration

b. Annual income tax

c. AFS or Audited financial statements

d. Annual Alphalist of Employee’s Withhold Taxes

e. Annual Alphalist of Expanded Withhold Taxes

f. Inventory list

III. Payroll and Employees Statutory Compliance

a. Calculate salaries with corresponding taxes and statutory contributions with SSS,PHIC & PAGIBIG

b. Provide assistance in crediting salaries online to each employees

c. SSS – Process contributions so employees can avail benefits from SSS such as but not limited to sickness and maternity benefits

and Multipurpose loan

d. Philhealth – process contributions ensures employees can avail health insurance provided by the government

e. PAGIBIG – process contributions pagibig savings, multipurpose loan and housing loans.

IV. Bills payment and Check process:

a.  Assist in processing payments of utilities

b. Process checks and arrange payment to suppliers/vendors

V. Financial and Management Reports

a. Balance Sheet

b. Income Statement

c. Cash Flow

d. Accounts Receivable

e. Accounts Payable